Welcome to the Hearn family tree

This website was started in May 2009 as a place to to preserve my family history. Like most family trees, the research is ongoing and there are many gaps to fill.


On my father's side (Hearn, Carpenter, Preston, Watson), the tree starts in Greater London and Kent where my ancestors worked as famers and fruit growers.

On my mother's side (Gratton, Brierley, Carter, Gibson), the tree spreads north into Rochdale, Lancashire where my ancestors worked in the cotton mills of the Industrial Revolution.


Please feel free to browse the site using the menus above or from here. If you believe you are related or have new information, then I'd love to hear from you.


Oh, and apologies for the Hearn Coat of Arms at the top of the page. I have no idea if my family has the right to bear it. Not yet, at least.


Disclaimer: as with all genealogy research, I can only assume that information is correct when there is supporting documentary evidence. Even then, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Please bear this in mind if you use any information from this site in your own research.


Giles Hearn, May 2009